Welcome to Taiping Elementary School, located in Puxin Township, Changhua County, Taiwan. Situated on the outskirts of Yuanlin City, the school is adjacent to provincial roads and expressways, making transportation convenient. With 231 students, the school is nestled beside Puxin Park to the north, boasting a tranquil environment. The nearby township kindergarten shares a close relationship with the school, benefiting both in terms of education and interaction. The campus is beautifully landscaped, resembling a park, and the iconic Banyan Pavilion, featuring the "Grandfather Banyan Tree," serves as a symbol of strength for the school and community. Other unique features of the campus include mosaic tile walls and a beautiful rainbow running track, as well as semi-outdoor courts and playgrounds for students to enjoy.

The school continually develops its unique curriculum, actively promoting diverse talents and potential in students. Comprehensive programs, such as "One Person, One Club" and "One Person, One Talent," are implemented, along with dance courses for lower-grade students and swimming lessons for middle and upper-grade students to enhance physical fitness. The school has three major teams: track and field, lion dance, and basketball, all of which are coached by talented professionals and have won numerous competitions. To broaden students' global perspectives and competitiveness, the school applied for the Ministry of Education's bilingual teaching curriculum and the Forward-Looking Foreign Teacher Program in the 2022 school year. Currently, a foreign English teacher named Jovel helps students develop language skills.

All in all, Taiping Elementary School is an excellent educational institution committed to providing students with practical learning experiences that benefit them throughout their lives. The school has achieved great success in both academics and sports. Its focus on physical education, language education, and community involvement make it an excellent choice for families in the region.